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Long Arm and Other Quilting Services

Log Cabin Sewing Company is pleased to offer two long arm quilting machines to complete projects for our customers.  We proudly quilt on  the Handi-Quilter Avante and the Handi-Quilter Fusion.  These two machines are also equipped with Pro-Stitcher, the HQ Computerized Quilting System.

We provide long arm quilting at affordable pricing.  With over 600 patterns to choose from, you can have your quilt done edge to edge or custom quilted.  We use So Fine! thread, a 3-filament polyester thread which sews out beautifully on your quilt tops.  We prefer and sell Quilters Dream batting, as they are high quality and great to use with your treasured quilt tops. You can check out our inventory of battings HERE.

Long Arm Quilting starts at $0.025/square inch.  

Stop in to have a one on one session with one of our quilters to discuss how we can help finish your masterpiece!

We also have a large selection of backing fabrics to help you complete your project, top to bottom!  Wide Backs

Avanti Handi-Quilter
Custom Quilting Services

Tips for Best Quilting Results
Quilt top and backing trimmed and squared, then pressed (seams should be pressed to one side).
Backing fabric is 4" longer than quilt top on each side (add 8" total to length and width measurements).
Trim all loose threads on the top and underside.
Ensure all pins, buttons, and embellishments are removed.
Remove selvages.
Stay-stitch edges to reduce stretching and seams coming undone.

Mattress Size References

  • Twin - 68x90 = 6120 sq. inches
  • Full/Double - 80x90 = 7200 sq. inches
  • Queen - 90x96 = 8460 sq. inches
  • King - 96x109 = 10368 sq. inches

Please note there is a $65.00 minimum charge. Prices are subject to change without notice. Log Cabin Sewing Company is not responsible for items left over 30 days, nor for loss by fire or theft.