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Sulky Metallic Starter Pack Thread Set

This package contains 10 spools of Sliver Metallic thread on 250 yd. spools, 10 spools of Holoshimmer Metallic thread on 250 yd. spools, and 6 spools of Sulky Original Metallic thread on 165 & 140 yd. spools. There is nothing like the Sulky line of metallic threads to add the perfect sparkle to any project. Whether you are looking to add a little dazzle to a pencil skirt or some sparkle to your latest quilt or table runner, you are sure to find the perfect thread to take your piece over the top in this collection. Why stop at good when your project could be great?! 

  • Brand: Holoshimmer Metallic
  • Color Number: 9
  • Fiber Content: Metallic
  • Number of Items in Assortment: 26